Electricity Engineering

Supply of junior and senior high qualify personnel with knowledge of national and international standards:

                           - Logic diagrams.

                           - Singole Line Diagramss (SLD).

                           - Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS)

                           - Low, medium and high voltage.

                           - Electrical ways.

                           - Grounds and cathodic protections.

                           - Working team supervision

Execution of basic and detailed engineering packages in our offices.


Field Personnel

Supply of high qualified personnel in construction services, precommissioning, commissioning and start-up of industrial plants.

                           - Site field engineering support.

                           - Control systems.

                           - Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC).

                           - Telecommunication.

                           - Construction supervisors.

                           - Precommissioning, Commissioning and Start-up supervisors.

                           - Technicians specialized in tuning and equipment checks.

                           - FAT.

                           - Factory equipment checks.